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c360 Alerts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Users need to be alerted with critical information pertaining to specific customers or other entities when a record is opened. MS Dynamics CRM 2011 does not provide native functionality to allow organizations to alert users to possible issues/concerns they may have about someone in their database. c360 Alerts allows users to create individual or bulk alerts for clients so that billing and customer service issues are known up front.

The features of c360 Alerts are:
  • Users may set alerts on any CRM record type
  • Alerts are immediately displayed in a pop-up window when the record is accessed
  • Users may add multiple alerts to each CRM record
  • Users may provide optional alert expiration dates for alerts that only need to be shown temporarily
  • Users may select alert type with icon so users will be able to quickly differentiate the type of alert and determine whether it requires their attention
  • Alerts may be deactivated but will remain in the system so users may see past alerts for historical context and can be re-activated at any time
  • Developers may add, edit and remove alerts programmatically from custom applications
  • Alerts can be added in bulk to any Advanced Find view/query (New)

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