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c360 Console for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

CRM users require the ability consolidate pertinent data in dashboard views to better access, analyze and act upon captured customer information. Microsoft CRM 2011's new Dashboards provide great summary information from views and graphs, but multiple clicks are often required to "dig down" to detailed information.

c360 Console cells for the Dashboard give users information at their fingertips, providing search cells and c360 products that drive content to other subscriber cells in the dashboard.

c360 Console Cells used within Miscrosoft CRM 2011's Dashboards allow users to mix the following types of content:

  • Microsoft CRM Advanced Find queries/views
  • c360 Products, if in use by the organization
    > c360 Summary, My Summary and Quick Activity
    > c360 Relationship Explorer Multi-Field Search
    > c360 Multi-Field Search
  • CRM record details (CRM records; tabs, sections and fields)
  • Custom Content cells integrated with an external system
  • Custom Search cells
  • Associated entity lists (displays records linked to the actively selected CRM record)

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