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c360 Documents Pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise and Online

c360 Documents Pack is a Microsoft CRM enhancement that allows organizations to manage documents in a comfortable and structured way.

Documents Pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers the following capabilities:

Word Mail Merge

Word Mail Merge enables you to create a mail merge using CRM fields/entities, add additional fields to the mail merge, create letter-activity directly from Word and add Word documents directly to CRM entities. Word Mail Merge can resolve any relations and works with custom entities as well as all standard CRM entities. It is possible to resolve complex relations, providing the opportunity to easily execute tasks like creating Quotes and Invoicesj,including data from related records like “other contacts”, accounts, products etc.

Activity Creation

Create activities lke letter/email or fax and store that content in the Regarding CRM record.

Send as PDF

Simplify accounting and the handling of invoices, quotes and orders. Create PDFs from existing documents and send them to customers.

Document Management

Link to SharePoint to store your generated documents in a structured way. Documents related to a record can be accessed via the "Documents" setting in the CRM navigation menu. Create subfolders and customize them with entity-specific folder names to create a more compact overview of created documents and their associations to a CRM record. For example, save all quotes into a subfolder of the account or associated contact.

The following features are available ONLY with Microsoft CRM 2011 On-Premise

External SharePoint Integration

In addition to Documents management, use additional SharePoint services to store documents in

Microsoft Windows Explorer Integration

SharePoint fucntionality is also avialable for Windows Explorer. Create a structured file system of documents aassociated with Microsoft CRM 2011 without SharePoint services.

Documents Summary

Documents Summary shows you all documents and records related to a specific record. Users can open an account and view an overview of all documents for that accoutn and its related records.

Note about evaluating Documents Pack:

The Documents Pack download comes with a fully functional 14-day evaluation version. There is no need for a separate Evaluation License.

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