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c360 Email To Case for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

c360 Solutions Email to Case component is a Windows Service that monitors one or more Microsoft CRM queues converting inbound emails into Service Cases. Email To Case instantly allows Microsoft CRM users to implement email based service or support without the burdening service representatives with additional data entry.

Email To Case monitors an unlimited number of Microsoft CRMEmailEnabled queues creating Case records and linking the email activities to those Case records.

The process flow of Email To Case is:

  • Customer sends email to queue alias (e.g. support@domain.com)
  • Microsoft CRM connector receives email and creates CRM email activity
  • CRM email activity is placed in the CRM queue as a queue item
  • Email To Case service runs on a scheduled interval (default 5 minutes) and uses administrator set parameters to create a new Case based on the new CRM email activity
  • Attachments to the email are linked to the CRM email activity
  • Email To Case links CRM email Activity to the newly created Case and deletes the queue item
  • Case is linked to either the email senders Contact or Account record based on an administrator set option
  • Cases based on emails from unresolved senders are linked to a default Contact or Account
  • Newly created Case is placed in the queue to which the email was sent
  • Customer is notified by email that a new Case has been created
  • CRM user is notified by email that a new Case has been created. This email notification includes a link to directly open the newly created Case

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