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c360 Import Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise and Online

c360 Import Manager is a powerful data import tool built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that offers a more flexible way to import data for CRM. Import Manager makes it possible to import data from one or more data sources, create new records for a given entity in the CRM database, and create relationships to other entities in one single process with scheduled on-going data imports. Import Manager gives you the ability to:

  • Import core data into Microsoft CRM entities (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases)
  • Import data into custom entities and custom fields
  • Relate entities to each other
  • Create new relationships between entities
  • Customized field mapping
  • Customizable duplicate checking
  • Data cleansing capability - updating fields on already existing records during an import
  • Save field mapping to a configuration file for later use
  • Scheduling functionality for on-going regular data imports
  • Create on-going data import from your data provider (e.g, Dun & Bradstreet, ERP system)
  • Plug-ins for ODBC datasource, Text files, Excel files

The chart below chart lists the comparison between c360 Import Manager and the Microsoft CRM Import tool

Microsoft CRM 2011

c360 Import Manager

Accounts x x
Contacts x x
Leads x x
All Customizable entities x
Relate contacts to Accounts x
Relationships between all entities x
Save Import Template x
Duplicate checking x
Update records with new information x
Schedule Imports x
Excel plug-in x
ODBC plug-in x
Custom plug-in
(develop your own)

Note about evaluating Import Manager:
Import Manager download comes with a fully functional version limited to importing 10 rows. There is no need for separate Evaluation Licenses.

Have support questions? Visit the c360 Support page.

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