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c360 Multi-Field Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

A common complaint of CRM systems is that users can't find the data they need. MS Dynamics CRM 2011 remains limited in its ability to search across entities and fields. c360 Multi-field search provides multiple options for a comprehensive search across ALL of CRM. Search for information across standard and custom entities in one location. Use out of the box or use Preferences to quickly configure per user.

Multi-Field Search lets you search across multiple entities and across multiple fields simultaneously with a single click. The 'Search All' function can be configured per user to search across any number of CRM entities (standard and custom) while leveraging CRM's 'Quick Find' view fields to search across multiple fields.

Also included is c360 CRM Desktop Search that lets you search for CRM records using Windows Desktop Search. c360 CRM Desktop Search searches across the entire universe of CRM records from the Windows Desktop Search deskbar. Search results (from different entity types) are displayed together in a streaming fashion.

Multi-Field Search is ideal for Sales and Service users who frequently search for CRM records. c360 Multi-Field Search allows Microsoft CRM users to:

  • Search across multiple entities (Accounts, Contacts etc) and multiple fields (name, city, description etc) simultaneously with a single click.
  • Display search results along with preview data from different entity types in the same grid
  • Configure per user the entities (standard and custom) that will be searched using 'Search All' while leveraging CRM's 'Quick Find' view fields to search across multiple fields
  • Quickly filter the search results to display/hide entity types in the search results
  • 'Search All' search results are displayed in a streaming fashion so results are displayed as they are found
  • Use Windows Desktop Search to search across the entire universe of CRM records using the c360 CRM Desktop Search
  • Configure quick search screens by user with the fields they most frequently search
  • Take advantage of CRM's 'Quick Find' view to search across multiple fields simultaneously
  • Select fields from among CRM's standard and custom-configured fields
  • Select which search buttons appear and, thus, which CRM record types to search
  • Take actions against search results such as merging records, sending email, etc.
  • Work from a single screen to access multiple CRM record types

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