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c360 Optimizations

Your business is constantly evolving, requiring your applications and infrastructure to evolve with you, particularly the mission-critical applications that hold the key to valuable customer and sales information. c360 Optimizations were developed to ensure that your c360 products and Microsoft Dynamics CRM continuously meet end-user demands, perform reliably, and deliver the business results you have come to expect from c360 products.

Reduce costs by leveraging c360 Solutions Inc. expertise

c360 Optimizations is an expert service offering from c360 Solutions Inc. that enables you to take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the c360 products. The c360 Optimizations team takes care of your ongoing configuration, customization, questions, training, and upgrades; simplifying the implementation and management of the c360 products and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

c360 Offerings

The following are some of the efforts that our c360 Optimizations staff offers. If you have unique needs that are not specifically addressed by this list of services, the c360 Optimizations team will meet with you to discuss your company’s requirements.

  • c360 System Insight
  • c360 Product Installation, Upgrade and Migration
  • Multi-Forms Configuration
  • Setting up Audit views based on identified business needs
  • c360 Product Training (ITSM, Audit Analyzer, MultiForms, E-Marketing)
  • ITSM Configuration
  • Configuring workflows to create Alerts
  • E-Marketing Survey / CRM integrations
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customizations (workflows, forms, attributes, etc.)
  • c360 Product Customizations

c360 System Insight

c360 System Insight is designed to uncover potential performance and application configuration problems and provide recommendations to address these problems. System Insight is a proactive service that delivers

  • Problem Identification
  • Suggested Resolution Guidance

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