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Over 450 global partners of all sizes have partnered with c360 to deliver world-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools, utilities and add-ons to a customer base of over 2,200 installations. Flexible, scalable and leading edge products that enhance and extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, combined with top-notch training, support and rewards programs are what make our partners successful.

The c360 product suite enables Dynamics partners to immediately differentiate their solutions, compete more effectively within the Dynamics space, as well as against other online CRM vendors. Combining c360 products with your solutions allows for a much more closely tailored system for your end-user clients, and will help you sell more products and services.

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Our partners’ success is our success. c360 partners receive immediate access to the experience and know-how of the market leader in Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on tools and utilities. As a c360 partner, you also receive a product suite that strengthens your sales ability and differentiates your solution from the competition.

The c360 team will make sure that you get the resources and support needed to be up and running quickly. With software margins that are unmatched in the industry, c360 will help increase value to your customers and immediately have a positive effect on your business’ bottom line.

Become a c360
Teaming Partner

c360 recently introduced the new Teaming Partner program that is designed to foster collaboration between c360 and Dynamics partners on aggressive “go to market” initiatives in both strategic vertical and geographical markets throughout the world. The Teaming Partner relationship involves a high degree of marketing, sales, implementation and support cooperation. This level of partnership involves multiple engagements with the c360 products and calls for an investment in technical and sales training, followed by first-level support by the partner.

Becoming a c360 Teaming Partner yields additional benefits such as increased software margin, marketing co-op assistance and additional training and support.


We highly recommend and encourage our partners to stay up-to-date with a full range of c360 training modules that are available on demand or via web meetings. For partners with expanded needs, we also provide the option for onsite classroom training.


At c360 we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product support as well as sales and marketing assistance to our partners. With support teams in both the United States and Europe we are able to assist you in most any time zone in the world.

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