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c360 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Pricing

Product pricing is listed below. Licensing is per user and unless noted otherwise the company must have as many c360 licenses as the number of active Microsoft CRM licenses. For example, an organization that owns 100 Microsoft CRM licenses but has assigned only 25 to users need only buy 25 c360 licenses.

Volume discounting can be applied to organizations with over 100 users. Please contact sales@c360.com for more information.

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Products noted with (*) require a remote installation - fees are listed below

c360 Productivity Pack Pricing



c360 Productivity Pack - Core

$110/CRM license

c360 Productivity Pack - Sales*

$40/CRM license

c360 Productivity Pack - Service

$40/CRM license

Additional c360 Product Pricing




c360 Audit*

$4100 server fee* + $145/CRM license

*Includes c360 Audit Remote Installation Assistance

c360 CTI

$725/Server (includes 5 user licenses) + $135/user

c360 Documents Pack

$65/CRM license

c360 E-Marketing

Discounts available for pre-paid 12-month contract.

c360 Field Level Security

$110/CRM license

c360 FLS Offline Client

$1720/CRM Organization

c360 Reminder

$29 / CRM License**

c360 Group Calendar

$65/CRM license

c360 Import Manager

Full Edition
Unlimited Users: $3,400
Upgrade to Full Edition : $1,145

Testing License**
Demo/Testing License**: $1670 unlimited users

**Must purchase a standard product license to purchase the testing/demo license.

c360 Multi-Forms

$75 / CRM License**

Vertical Solution pricing (includes Microsoft xRM license)



c360 High-Tech Productivity Pack

$235/CRM license

c360 Financial Services Pack

$4,025 server fee** + $320/CRM license

**Includes initial installation of the Audit product on up to two environments.

c360 High-Tech Notes: There is a 10-license minimum for purchases of c360 High-Tech. The same support and installation rules apply to the Customer Portal component of c360 High-Tech. See the section titled 'Important Customer Portal Installation Information' for details.

External Access Product pricing



c360 Customer Portal

$110/CRM license

Customer Portal Starter Pack


**Includes 10 licenses + Remote Installation Assistance.

Important Customer Portal Licensing Information: There is a 10-license minimum for purchases of the Customer Portal. Customer Portal pricing is based on the number of active Microsoft CRM licenses regardless of how many customers will be accessing the Customer Portal. Customer Portal requires a single Microsoft CRM license so that the Customer Portal can access Microsoft CRM. The Customer Portal does not create additional entries/users in Active Directory. Microsoft requires that applications that update data from outside CRM purchase a Microsoft CRM External Connector license.

Important Customer Portal Installation Information: The cost of the Portal includes new releases for a period of one year from initial purchase date. In addition, the cost of the Portal includes direct technical assistance with any product defects. The cost of the Portal does not cover installation related questions or administrative and user training. These services can be provided by c360 at an additional fee (see http://store.yahoo.com/c360/customerportal.html to purchase) or can be provided by a c360 Portal Certified Partner. c360 strongly encourages the use of a c360 Portal Certified Partner to implement the Customer Portal. Contact Sales@c360.com to be referred to a c360 Portal Certified Partner if you are not already working with one. Fees for c360-provided installation assistance and training webinars are listed below:

Remote Installation pricing



c360 Customer Portal Remote Installation Assistance


c360 Web Connect Remote Installation Assistance


c360 Audit Remote Installation Assistance


Remote Installation Notes: One time fee per organization - required for all products except Web Connect

Support and New Releases: Clients that purchase c360 products are covered by an annual support contract that entitles Client to help-desk support and new releases of the purchased product. The first year’s cost for the annual support contract is included in the purchase price of the Software. Subsequent purchases of additional licenses of the same product fall under the terms of the initial purchase. After one year from initial purchase date, Client will be invoiced for the annual support contract at a price not to exceed the then current published maintenance and support prices of all c360 products owned at the time of support renewal. Following expiration of the first year’s coverage, c360 provides a 30-day grace period. Following the 30-day grace period, support will lapse; to reinstate the support agreement, Customer must pay the back maintenance amount for the period of time following expiration, as well as bring current the annual maintenance cost for the new period of 12 months.

Effective Dates

Prices effective March 1, 2012

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