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KB Articles : Customizing Alerts on v3.0
KBA-01146 : Customizing Alerts on v3.0
Customizing Alerts on v3.0
Purpose & Scope
The goal of this article is to direct you to the area in CRM where you can edit the properties of the default Alert types on MSCRM V3.0

In CRM, go to Settings > Customization and find the Alert entity.

Open the Alert entity and go to Attributes.

Find the attribute with the schema name 'c360_type'.

On the right-hand side of this screen, you can edit and remove Alert types.

Additional Comments
There is the means to 'add' new Alert types, however, new Alert types will not be displayed in 'Add Alert' screen.  If the default Alert names and descriptions do not fit with your organization's needs, it is recommend that you edit the existing Alerts rather than create new ones.

 Created On 8/11/2006
 Last Modified On 7/2/2015
 Last Modified By Garry, JP
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