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KB Articles : Error "C:\ is invalid drive" during install
KBA-01154 : Error "C:\ is invalid drive" during install
Error "C:\ is invalid drive" during install
In rare instances some systems are not setup with a 'C' drive. This will cause an error during the installation at the start of the database creation indicating that the C: drive is invalid.  This occurs because a reference to the C: drive is made within the code upon installing a temporary database.   

In order to resolve this issue, a C: drive must be mapped to allow the install process to create the needed temporary directory.

First, go to My Computer.  In the menubar go to Tools > Map Network Drive and change Drive to C.  For the Folder either create a new network shared folder or choose an existing one. Click Finish and run install for the c360 product.  The mapped drive can then be deleted after all products have been installed; the file structure should contain no data.  

 Created On 10/9/2006
 Last Modified On 4/3/2014
 Last Modified By ODonnell, Patrick
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