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c360 Optimizations

c360 System Insight

c360 System Insight is designed to uncover potential performance and application configuration problems and provide recommendations to address these problems. System Insight is a proactive service that delivers

  • Problem Identification
  • Suggested Resolution Guidance

Problem Identification

This assessment will include the CRM application and database servers, reviewing hardware requirements (minimal and optimal), infrastructure, diagnostics (event viewer, c360 logs, IIS logs, CRM traces files) and product configuration.

Suggested Resolution Guidance

The System Insight will deliver a report that covers each reviews component and the recommendations for each one:

  • c360 product configuration
  • c360 database performance
  • c360 Audit database performance and archiving
  • CRM IFD configuration
  • MSCRM reports and SQL reporting service
  • MSCRM database performance
  • DNS configuration
  • Email-Router configuration

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