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c360 Web Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

c360 Web Connect for Microsoft CRM 2011 is a Microsoft CRM compatible component that allows organizations using Microsoft CRM to easily integrate their web site to Microsoft CRM for lead and web visitor activity capture. Web Connect will allow organizations to:

  • Link multiple web site forms to CRM to create Lead and Activity records.
  • By form, Web Connect can be configured to execute any or all of the following actions:
    • Email all web form values and actions taken to an SMTP address, record owner, record owner's manager or team in CRM
    • Match by email address and create new Lead or Activity depending on whether email address was matched to an existing Lead or Contact
    • Create an additional CRM activity to log form field values and actions taken (same information as sent in email)
    • Send a configurable HTML or text (administrator may specify) formatted confirmation email to visitor
    • Specify a URL to which to post one or more of the form field values (e.g. this action may be used for opting visitor into a 3rd party email list)
    • Run workflow rules in CRM

Special Support Information and Required Implementation Skills
Please read prior to purchase: The installation and configuration of Web Connect requires knowledge of web fundamentals and technologies including HTML, HTML forms, java script and web publishing. To address questions on these topics, c360 has provided several free self-support resources available at www.c360.com/Support. However c360 Technical Support resources will not provide installation and configuration support outside of issues with the core product.

If your organization does not directly posses the necessary Web Connect implementation skills, c360 strongly recommends you work with a c360 partner to implement the product. c360 can provide a referral for that purpose where necessary (email sales@c360.com for a partner referral). c360 can also provide remote configuration assistance for an additional fee in cases where the customer declines a referral to a c360 partner.

Have support questions? Visit the c360 Support page.

Interested in becoming a c360 partner? Visit our partner opportunity page.

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