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c360 Advanced Quote & Order Processing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

c360 Advanced Quote & Order Processing (AQP) is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancement which allows you to create quotes and orders in a single screen. You can easily print or email quotes to Accounts (or Contact), edit and track revisions and manage the profitability of each quote all from within Dynamics CRM.

Advanced Quote & Order Processing makes it easy to send quotes to your customers the way they want to see them. With a click your quote becomes a Word, Excel, pdf file or an email. Modifications are made easily and saved without losing the original quote. Line items can be added, deleted and modified.

Unique features allow users to adjust the profit they want by modifying discounts and margin percentages instantly on the fly all on one screen. And your team no longer needs to spend time after hours creating pipeline reports since it’s automatically done for them.

Advanced Quote & Order Processing also prints the shipping label, packing slips and picking documents by retrieving data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The features of Advanced Quote and Order Processing are:

  • Quickly create customer quotes and orders from Microsoft CRM
  • View multiple lines of a Quote or Order and header information in a single screen
  • Easily add, delete, edit or re-sequence items on a Quote or Order
  • Search for items by part number, partial part number or item description
  • Easily link a Quote or Order to a Contact or an Account
  • Easily link a Quote or Order to an Opportunity
  • One click print, email or fax quotes from Microsoft CRM
  • Create Acrobat PDF Quote or Order from Microsoft CRM
  • Provides multiple Quote and Order forms to be printed
  • Calculates margin and margin percentage per line item
  • Permits change of item pricing by modifying margin, margin percentage, discount, list price and cost
  • Permits write in products on Quotes and Orders
  • Quotes and Orders can be copied from one Account or Contact to another
  • Select ship via or default ship via from Account or Contact
  • Auto creates Quote numbers and revision numbers
  • Permits Quote or Order to be exported to Microsoft Excel
  • Search Quotes and Orders for a single part number and then copy to create a new Quote or Order
  • Convert Quotes to Orders
  • Activate, Deactivate or Revise Quotes and Orders
  • Print shipping labels & picking tickets directly from Microsoft CRM
  • Quickly create customer orders, sample orders, literature requests or quotes directly in Microsoft CRM for any Contact in the database
  • Easily select items from a lookup menu
  • Search for items by part number, partial part number or item description
  • Easily edit or delete line items
  • Default price level from Contact record or choose from alternate pricing levels Automatically create opportunities and schedule follow-up activities using CRM Workflow
  • Print Shipping Labels, Picking Tickets and Product Labels directly from Microsoft CRM
  • Select ship via or default ship via from Contact

Note about evaluating Advanced Quote and Order Processing:
Advanced Quote and Order Processing download comes with a fully functional 30-day evaluation version. There is no need for separate Evaluation Licenses.


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