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c360 High-Tech for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

c360 Microsoft CRM for High-Tech is a Microsoft CRM powered industry specific solution designed to meet the needs of technology companies. c360 High-Tech allows technology organizations using Microsoft CRM to be more productive as well as provide their customers access to many of their CRM functions online.

Microsoft CRM Solutions

c360 High-Tech includes components make Microsoft CRM ideal for technology companies. c360 High-Tech is comprised of the following c360 Solutions components:

  • c360 Core Productivity Pack Includes c360 Console, Record Editor, Alerts, Summary, Relationship Explorer, Multi-Field Search, CRM Sharepoint Integration and Relationship Charting products
  • c360 Sales Productivity Pack Includes c360 Forecast Manager and Web Connect products
  • c360 Service Productivity Pack Includes c360 Email To Case and My Workplace products
  • c360 Customer Portal connects your web site with your Microsoft CRM installation allowing your customers to search your CRM knowledgebase, update their contact details, create/view/edit CRM Service Cases and access custom functionality online

"As a software company in need of a CRM solution, we chose c360's High-Tech offering in conjunction with Microsoft's CRM system because of c360's understanding of our needs and ability to deliver a solution that works."

Graham Wood
Chief Financial Officer

With c360 High-Tech technology companies are able to:

  • Publish their technical support knowledgebase to the web allowing prospects and/or customers to find solutions without assistance
  • Integrate lead capture pages on their web site directly to lead records within CRM
  • Forecast revenues more quickly and accurately
  • Better manage and segment their CRM data for marketing purposes
  • Allow customers to update their profiles online
  • Allow customers to create/view and edit Customer Service and Technical Support Cases allowing for improved service/support efficiency
  • Quickly see chronological management summaries of all records in their CRM system
  • Build role-specific Dashboard views to streamline CRM views and processes
  • Build and view complex graphical, organizational charts
  • Keep your CRM data clean by identifying and eliminating duplicate records

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