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c360 Relationship Explorer/Charting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Visualize Complex Customer Relationships. Knowing your customers and their relationships to other key information captured in your CRM system is what differentiates you from your competitors. CRM 2011 improves your ability to quickly establish different types of relationships between records. However, these various "Connections" and database relationships can become quite complex and difficult for a user to quickly grasp when working with your customers.

c360 Relationship Explorer and Charting allow users to view and visually navigate Customer Relationships, CRM parent/child relationships and Connections from one location. This helps your team quickly comprehend vital relationships that drive how they interact with your customers.

There are 2 distinct ways in which to create and view relationships between entities within Relationship Explorer/Charting:

1. Relationship Tree
Uses an intuitive tree-based structure to display all types of relationships that exist between entities within Microsoft CRM.

2. Relationship Charts
Create a chart that visually lays out any kind of relationship between any entities in Microsoft CRM. Tailor the details to your needs and track relationships outside CRM.

Relationship Explorer/Charting allows Microsoft CRM users to:

  • From any CRM record, see all relationships that exists between CRM entities (including custom entities) in an intuitive hierarchical tree-based structure
  • See a complete view of any CRM record's relationship hierarchy in a single place
  • Relationship Chart functionality leverages Microsoft Silverlight technology to provide CRM users with the ability to create relationship/organization charts of CRM and non CRM relationships

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