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c360 Address Validation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Address Validation

We will be discontinuing the C360 Address Validation Product and Service in October 2011.
The current KB articles for Address Validation have been updated and tested for active users. US address verification is available through the Microsoft Azure Data Market and may be a good alternative for Address Verification within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The address verification service is located here: https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/4c0a5ee7-2e32-459a-a0bb-80a6e3c6cae0

c360 Solutions Address Validation allows Microsoft CRM users to verify and correct CRM addresses (Lead, Contact, Account, CustomerAddress) using US Postal Code standards. The Address Validation engine uses the United States Postal Service certified technology to verify, correct and enhance any address in the U.S. The service corrects  street name misspellings, validates street type extensions, standardizes city name and state names, and appends missing state abbreviations.

The features of Address Validation are:
  • Real-time verification and standardization of US addresses
  • Validate and correct addresses and add ZIP+4 data
  • Auto complete city names and state names
  • Preview Pane (optional) where users can see the old and new address
  • Automatic Auto-updating of the verified address during save of the record
  • A new optional 'Validate Address' button is also available on the entity toolbar which allows users to trigger the address validation service on-demand

Cost for Address Validation - The Address Validation component for the real-time address verification is powered by the StrikeIron marketplace services. Organizations will get 1000 free address verification hits after which the cost is just $0.04 per verification.

Click here for steps on how to register/activate the Address Validation service from StrikeIron.

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