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c360 Field Level Security for
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Field Level Securityc360 Field Level Security enhances the security capability of Microsoft CRM 4.0 by restricting access to CRM data on a field level basis. By using Field-Level Security, administrators will be able to restrict access to specific fields in CRM entities. The fields can be disabled (read-only), forbidden (deny access) or hidden (remove field from view) for any CRM security role in a business unit (or team), thus allowing dynamic field privilege access while maintaining the CRM security model.

Field-Level Security supports all CRM field types such as lookup, string, float, nvarchar, currency, datetime, memo fields while ensuring that fields are secured from all areas of CRM including entity forms, CRM Views, Advanced Find views, lookup views, Bulk Edit, Excel Export, Print pages, Form Assistant, Merge Forms.

By using c360 Field Level Security, you can define security privileges for any field in a CRM entity (including custom entities) and be sure that access is only available to the users who are allowed to see it.

Field Level Security has full support for the Microsoft CRM offline client

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