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c360 Record Monitor - Workflows On Demand

c360 Record Monitor

Your CRM system houses a wealth of data. Without monitoring the information, it becomes stale and ineffective.

Don't get caught snoozing

c360 Record Monitor helps you harness the power of CRM to work for you:
  • Improve customer service with effective and accurate SLA monitoring
  • Receive proactive notification of maintenance renewal anniversaries to drive recurring revenue
  • Help your sales team keep an eye on key leads, opportunities, and accounts so they can react to changes and prevent important opportunities from stagnating
  • Couple Record Monitor with c360 Reminder and Alerts to facilitate centralized implementation of your business processes

c360 Record Monitor is a background monitoring service which takes action on records defined by an Advanced Find view, based on a pre-determined schedule. Record Monitor can trigger workflows or custom code on records based on any criteria, so that you can update fields, create records, send emails or create user alerts, depending on your needs.

c360 Record Monitor

Work Smarter with Workflows On Demand

Workflows are a cornerstone of process automation in CRM. However, a web of complex, multi-phased workflows becomes a chore to update and taxing to the system.

  • When your business requirements change mid-stream, update those rules in CRM easily with the assurance that they will propagate throughout CRM without missing an affected record
  • Reach beyond the limitations of CRM and improve performance by reducing the volume, complexity and frequency of workflows that must constantly run to check if criteria are met
  • Update calculated fields on a form without having to open the form
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