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c360 SDK for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

The c360 SDK for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a collection of user interface controls and page classes that allow for the development of products and customizations that look and behave like core components of the Microsoft CRM 4.0 system. The c360 SDK for Microsoft CRM 4.0 allows developers to more easily build Microsoft CRM-based functionality that is visually, functionally and technically compatible with Microsoft CRM 4.0.

The c360 development framework is utilized in all c360 product development and in installed in over 1,000 production installations of Microsoft CRM. The benefits of the c360 SDK for Microsoft CRM are:

  • Proven platform for custom development on Microsoft CRM 4.0
  • Complete suite of ASP.NET user interface controls that look, feel and behave like standard Microsoft CRM controls
  • User interface controls are highly configurable
  • Multi-functional grid control loaded with features
  • Inheritable pages that enforce the Microsoft CRM look and feel
  • Framework through which external data can be linked to CRM entities
  • Improved user experience using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX)
  • Mimics Microsoft CRM navigation
  • Custom grid actions that can be integrate with standard c360 products
  • Save valuable time and money

Licensing and Pricing
The c360 SDK is a runtime license. This model allows developers to freely use our SDK for developing applications on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Applications built on the c360 SDK can then be deployed in Microsoft CRM installations where the c360 SDK has been licensed. The c360 runtime SDK license is available in two different offerings:

SDK Runtime License ($35/active CRM License):
Allows organizations to deploy an unlimited number of applications built on the c360 SDK for a single Microsoft CRM production environment

CRM Integration Pack License ($60/active CRM License):
Allows organizations to deploy an unlimited number of applications built on the c360 SDK for a single Microsoft CRM production environment. Plus, the integration Pack also includes the c360 Console platform that allows the ability to integrate external data (accounting, order systems, inventory, etc.) within custom console cells

Developer's Guide, Training Guide and Support Forum
The c360 SDK includes the following help resources:

  • Detailed developer's guide outlining how to use all controls, pages and components
  • Detailed training guide with examples of how to use all SDK features
  • Online support forum (visit http://www.c360.com/Forums.aspx) where users can post questions and search other question/replies

All documentation is updated with new releases of the SDK.

SDK Training and Development Assistance

Development assistance and training can be purchased separately from the SDK. It is highly recommended that the SDK Training option also be purchased. In addition, users can register on the c360 forums to exchange ideas and post questions with respect to the c360 SDK

SDK training is available for $995. Details on the training can be provided by your c360 Account Manager. Development assistance is available on an hourly basis for $140 per hour for licensees who have attended the training offering.

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