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c360 Audit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Audit Screenshotc360 Audit is a Microsoft CRM enhancement that allows you to Track and Analyze all changes made to CRM.

The components of c360 Audit are:

  1. Audit Tracker
  2. Audit Analyzer

The Audit Tracker component captures all changes made to CRM data including custom entities and custom fields. Using the Audit Tracker, organizations will be able to:
  • Track all changes made to CRM data including contact save, lead conversions, quote deletions, updating of account fields
  • See the big picture view of the complete audit trail with the ability to drill down and open any CRM record with a single click
  • See the before and after picture of every CRM save event
  • User customizable view to see only the fields that are most critical
  • See HOW an Account got its current status; Your existing CRM system is just a snapshot but using Audit, you can now see HOW
  • Increase compliance with legal regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, The Privacy Act, and others by maintaining a verifiable audit trail

The Audit Analyzer component is a powerful Business Intelligence system that lets you analyze historical CRM information to gain a better understanding of your customers. Using the Audit Analyzer, Microsoft CRM users will be able to:
  • Get critical insight to your historical CRM data by creating specialized queries like 'negative queries', 'OR queries' using special operators such as 'increased', 'not changed' etc
  • Sales can now more easily identify 'stuck opportunities' in the funnel by creating the negative query "Show me all hot opportunities where status code has not changed in the last month"
  • Create complicated 'OR queries' such as "All opportunities where the Estimated Amount has changed OR the Account Type has changed"

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