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c360 Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Customer PortalThe c360 Customer Portal allows organizations using Microsoft CRM to extend their customer service and support functions to the web to achieve more efficient support and service as well as higher customer satisfaction and self sufficiency. The c360 Customer Portal allows organizations to quickly and easily create a web self service presence that is fully integrated into their Microsoft CRM solution. Using the c360 Customer Portal, an organization's customers will be able to:

Authenticate and become authorized to perform specific actions including:
  • Create new Customer Service Cases
  • Attach documents when working with Service Cases
  • View and update existing Service Cases
  • View Service Case Activity History
  • View Customer Orders
  • View all Products associated with those Orders
  • Update Contact record details to keep personal data up to date
  • Search and view published CRM knowledge base articles
  • Access additional modules developed either by the customer or their implementation partner
The c360 Customer Portal is fully and easily configurable to suit your business needs. By using the Customer Portal, an organization will
be able to:
  • Selectively publish CRM Knowledge base articles based on keywords and subject items
  • Allow users to self register themselves to become authenticated users
  • Configure the portal screens in terms of which fields to display, the display order, and so forth
  • Selectively publish the activity types that get displayed to the Portal user
  • Configure the Service Case entry form as well as the Case view and details screen
  • Configure the Order view for and Product details screen
  • Create personalized email templates for customer communication and setup automated notifications
  • Allow different users access to different parts of the Customer Portal based on their security level
  • Access data from a 3rd party system to display in the Portal by developing custom modules
  • Provide world class customer service over the web

The Customer Portal now allows the portal user to create and manage cases for multiple accounts. Organizations can specify which accounts the portal user can access. This now opens up the possibility to use the Customer Portal in different ways where a user may need access to different accounts to service. An example of this may be when ‘an implementation consultant needs ability to create and manage cases for different clients’.

These options are highly flexible and can include complex scenarios such as ‘Allow user to create cases for Accounts A and B but view cases for Accounts B and C’.

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