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c360 Documents Pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Word Mail Mergec360 Documents Pack is a Microsoft CRM enhancement that allows organizations to manage documents in a comfortable and structured way.

Documents Pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 offers the following capabilities:

Word Mail Merge

Word Mail Merge enables you to create a mail merge using CRM fields/entities, add additional fields to the mail merge, create letter-activity directly from Word and add Word documents directly to CRM entities. Word Mail Merge can resolve any relations and works with custom entities as well as all standard CRM entities. It is possible to resolve complex relations, providing the opportunity to easily execute tasks like creating Quotes and Invoicesj,including data from related records like “other contacts”, accounts, products etc.

Read-Only Users

Word Mail Merge has no limitation on “Read Only” users in CRM 4.0 ensuring that all users can generate documents.

Merge Options

  • A merge can be initiated directly from MS Word OR the web-client. This enables users to easily create quotes, invoices, and mass-mail documents by choosing a marketing list.
  • Create targeted merges by using data from Contact groups or save an Advanced Find to use as a datasource for your mail merge.

File Explorer Integration

Organize your documents and create relationships between files on your hard drive and CRM entities (accounts, contacts, custom entities etc.). Drag and drop files from your hard drive directly to a CRM entity record.
Click here to see a screenshot.

SharePoint Integration

Word Mail Merge can create a structured file system by saving generated documents to SharePoint. Create subfolders and customize them with entity-specific folder names to create a more compact overview of created documents and their associations to a CRM record. For example, save all quotes into a subfolder of the account or associated contact.

With the integration in CRM (see screenshot), documents are easily located in SharePoint with an additional ink to the document saved within the activity record created for the merge.
Click here to see a screenshot.

Email Functionalities

  • Send emails from MS Word for an easy and fast solution to creating and sending pieces like newsletters and greeting cards to members of a marketing list.
  • Add multiple attachments and log email-account information.
  • Supports integrated Windows Authentication.

Send PDF Files

Create documents and send them to customers as PDF files. Word Mail Merge converts the generated documents, providing a powerful option to simplify accounting by handling invoices, quotes, orders.

Offline Capability

Users still have access to Word Mail Merge when they go offline with CRM. All templates are synchronized to the client and can be used for Mail Merge. The generated documents are temporarily saved locally, synchronizing with SharePoint or Windows Explorer when going online again.

Note about evaluating Documents Pack:

The Documents Pack download comes with a fully functional 30-day evaluation version. There is no need for a separate Evaluation License.

Click here to download Documents Pack.

Click here to learn how to install the Documents Pack licenses.

Click here to download the Documents Pack license manager.(.pdf)

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