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E-marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

c360 E-Marketing Combines Traditional Email Marketing with Robust Trigger, Nurture and Drip Marketing Capabilities Directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Marketing gains the visibility it needs to show program ROI and sales improves lead management with timely responses to prospects - all from one tool. c360 E-Marketing consolidates the responses from multiple marketing tools - online advertising, web tracking and analytics, surveys and social media tracking - and enables lead management directly within Microsoft CRM through it's direct integration.

c360 E-marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes the following features:

  • Integrated Email Marketing - 1,100 email templates to help you easily design your email marketing, nurture and drip campaigns.
  • Web Analytics and Activity Tracking - Identify high value prospects by tracking web behavior in real time.
  • Online Advertising and Social Media Tracking - Create great looking landing pages for PPC and SEM. In addition, you can direct social media traffic to branded pages that get a targeted message across.
  • Lead Management - Intelligent lead scoring and routing empowers marketers by allowing them to set up a host of lead routing rules.

    The SaaS Advantage - Get Up and Running By the End of the Day

    c360 E-Marketing is a singular tool, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that enables you to consolidate a view of the results of the full scope of your online marketing efforts, including email marketing, web tracking, social media, webinars and more. Because E-Marketing is also built on Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, you are able to take advantage of this robust solution and get up and running quickly and cost effectively.
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